Belden Molded Cable Assemblies

Belden cable assemblies

Molded Cable Assemblies

Belden molded cable assemblies are designed for long life and reliable performance in a variety of input/output (I/O) and keyboard interface applications. Among the many features of the cable assemblies are these performance-enhancing attributes:


The assemblies' molded handles are 100% shielded (where used) to assist in FCC compliance, while guarding against EMI and RFI. Shield continuity is maintained through the entire length of the assembly. The connector shield is connected to both the connector shell and the cable shield. This provides a low resistance ground path to optimize shield performance.


Straight- or right-angle handles are available for different connecting situations. The standard molding is PVC.


Connectors consist of tin-plated shells with grounding indents on male connectors. Pins and sockets are constructed of brass or phosphor-bronze base with gold selectively plated over nickel.

Retention Systems

Belden offers several types of retention systems. They include:

  • Friction: Pin/contact force holds connectors mated.
  • Screw: Retaining screws mate with female screwlocks. Straight handle uses two screws; right angle handle uses one screw. Screws are #4-40 thread of plated steel with stainless steel clips.
  • Slide Lock: Fingertip-operated slide mechanism holds mated connectors securely. Slide lock clip is stainless steel with plated screw, washer and hex nut.
  • Spring Latch: Stainless steel latch mates with latching blocks (special orders only).
  • Jack Screw: Two captive jack screws mate securely with female screwlocks. Zinc plated, #4-40 thread screws with large knurled heads for easy fingertip connect/disconnect.

Wiring Patterns

Standard wiring is point-to-point on most assemblies. Special wiring is available upon request.


For standard assemblies, Belden utilizes three standard cable configurations for tailoring a cable to a specific electrical environment. The cable configurations are as follows:

  • General Purpose Unshielded: An economical assembly where electrical noise/interference is not a problem.
  • General Purpose Shielded: An overall foil shielded assembly for use in situations where some noise/interference is experienced or anticipated.
  • Super Shield: A foil plus braid shield provides extra protection in areas of moderate to heavy noise/interference.

Most of our molded cables assemblies are available through distribution (from stock) in a wide variety of handles, cables, colors, etc.