Belden Paired Cable

Belden paired cable

Paired Cable

Belden paired cable products are manufactured in a variety of gage sizes, dimensions, insulation materials, shielding configurationsbelden paired cables and jacketing materials - including Plenum and High-Temperature versions to meet the technical requirements of many different types of systems.

Paired cables allow balanced signal transmission, which results in lower crosstalk through common

mode rejection. Due to the improved noise immunity of twisted pairs, they generally permit higher data speeds than multi-conductor cables.

Twisted Pair Cable

Unshielded and Shielded Twisted Pair cables are typically used for data transmission. To help achieve optimum network performance, Belden® has built reliability into each cable it produces. The result is a comprehensive, unfailing line of cables that fulfill the requirements of a specific application and/or the applicable TIA/EIA Category requirement.

Bonded-Pair Cable

belden paired cable distributorBelden's breakthrough Bonded-Pair cables are the result of a patented design that bonds the individual insulated conductors together along their longitudinal axes. This unique physical characteristic results in uniform conductor-to-conductor spacing - a key aspect in consistent electrical performance. Even when a Bonded-Pair cable is subjected to everyday installation stresses such as bending, coiling and pulling, its conductor-to-conductor spacing remains stable.

Installable Performance®

A Category 5e cable that yields 5e performance on the reel, but provides only Category 5 performance after being installed, is of little value.

Since Belden Bonded-Pair cables are more resistant to the adverse effects of the installation/termination process, they are able to achieve Installable Performance - or they achieve the same high level of performance after installation (Reference: Belden Technical Bulletin TB-66: The Impact of Typical Installation Stresses on Cable Performance.)