Single-Conductor, High-Impedance Cables

Key Features


The shielding material used in these cables help to preserve signal quality and raises user confidence during audio/video transmission due to prevention of down-time and the maintenance of sound/picture clarity


The use of insulation material in the cables help to maintain performance under a range of different environmental conditions. The different insulation material options include EPDM and PVC.


Jackets used in the cables help to further ensure signal and broadcast performance under rougher environmental conditions such as intense heat/cold, sunlight, mechanical damage and vehicle traffic. The jacket materials offered in our range of cables include; EPDM, PVC, CPE and Neoprene.

High-conductivity Copper

The Belden microphone cables use high-conductivity copper that is 99.95% pure copper.

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  1. Belden Single-Conductor, High-Impedance Cable

    Belden Single-Conductor, High-Impedance Cable

    Single conductor shielded microphone cable

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