Magnet Wire

Class 200 Magnet Wire (Part numbers 8073 thru 8085) is dual coated. Its base coat is a cross-linked, modified polyester. Its top coat is an amide-imide polymer. Rated for 200ºC usage, Belden Class 200 Magnet Wire has exceptional ability to resist solvents and abuse in difficult windings. Beldsol Magnet Wire (Part numbers 8049 thru 8058) is a dual insulated Magnet Wire that combines the excellent dielectric characteristics of polyurethane and the known toughness and solvent resistance of a nylon overcoat. This wire is rated by IEEE tests for 270ºF usage and will solder without insulation removal at 750ºF.

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  1. Belden Magnet-Wire

    Belden Magnet-Wire

    Bare Copper Conductor. Dual Insulated.

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