Interstate Wire is the designer and developer of SUREFIRE-150© Wireline, an abrasion and crush resistant jacketed lead wire for the Wireline Service Industry. SUREFIRE-150© was designed to speed up the task of wiring Perforation Guns in the Wireline Industry. SUREFIRE-150© is a rugged, high temp wire with a secondary, extruded PVC jacket. This secondary jacket eliminates the need for any additional protective sleeving over the wire in high chafe areas within the Perforation Gun. Termination is a breeze due to the easy stripping of this protective jacket from the Tefzel wire insulation.

Be sure to ask your sales representative for a sample of SUREFIRE-150©.

Your Perforation Gun Loaders will absolutely love it!

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  1. IWC SELECTFIRE-150™-Wireline

    IWC SELECTFIRE-150™-Wireline

    Tinned Copper Conductor. ETFE Insulation with PVC Jacket.150ºC. 600V.

  2. IWC SELECTFIRE-260™ Wireline

    IWC SELECTFIRE-260™ Wireline

    Nickel Plated Copper Conductor. PFA Insulation. 260ºC. 1000V.

2 Item(s)