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Also known as ethylene-propylene-diene elastomer, EPDM is a chemically cross-linked elastomer with excellent flexibility at high and low temperatures (150°C to -55°C). It has good insulation resistance and dielectric strength, as well as excellent abrasion resistance and mechanical properties. EPDM also has better cut-through resistance than Silicone rubber, which it replaces in some applications.

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  1. Belden UL-AWM-Style-3340-and-3374

    Belden UL-AWM-Style-3340-and-3374

    Tinned Copper Conductor. Separator Over Conductor. EPDM Insulation.

  2. Belden UL-AWM-Style-3499

    Belden UL-AWM-Style-3499

    Tinned Copper Conductor. EPDM Insulation. 125ºC. 600V.

2 Item(s)