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For the past two decades, Interstate Wire and Judd Wire have partnered to offer high-quality products and exceptional customer service. IWC offers all of the additional wire preparation services to fit your needs including respooling, striping, cut & strip, tinning, dyeing, twisting and labeling.

Judd Wire is a high technology wire company that specializes in the use of electron beam crosslinked thermosets for wire insulation. By applying irradiation crosslinking technology to insulating materials, Judd Wire meets the needs of the wire and cable industry for not only economical products but also high-performance products. Judd Wire manufactures electronic wire and cable in over 100 styles recognized by Underwriters Laboratory, Canadian Standards and/or Military Specifications. Judd Wire’s high-performance products can be found in a variety of markets such as military, aerospace, automotive, and transit applications.

Judd Wire manufactures an extensive line of coaxial cable,crosslinked electronic hook up wire, OEM power and data cables with more than 200 UL and CSA approvals. They offer a broad spectrum of high-performance radiation crosslinked insulators and enhanced thermoplastic compounds perfect for even the most demanding customer requirements.

As an early adapter of the RoHS directive, Judd Wire’s data communications and consumer/industrial electronics products are now available in many compliant constructions. Applications include communication equipment, automotive telematics, test & measurement, wireless/RF, military equipment, medical electronics, appliances, and rail transit.


Judd Wire’s Automotive products include a wide range of advanced lightweight wiring for the newest electronic systems, including ABS (anti-lock braking system) cables, electronic transmission wire, thin wall harness wiring, and airbag igniter systems. Judd Wire’s products are installed on all major automobile and truck platforms worldwide.


Judd Wire’s Aerospace wiring is currently used in a wide range of commercial and military airframes, avionics, satellites, missile guidance systems, fly-by cables, in-flight communication and entertainment cables, and military electronics ground equipment. Judd Wire is approved for installation in the world’s largest transports built by the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, and numerous other military and OEM programs.

Featured Product Line

UL 3239 Hook Up Wire’s XLPE insulation has excellent resistance to abrasion, deformation, cut-through and chemical attack. Its tough insulation resists shrink-back and melting, even when in direct contact with a soldering iron. UL 3239’s insulation provides the same excellent flame-retardant properties as the best PVC insulations. It does not melt or shrink back at termination. This high voltage wire is specially designed for consumer electronics, appliances, test equipment, and instrumentation.

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