Interstate Wire is a leading Alphawire Ecogen Recylable Wire and Cable Supplier. We offer various EcoGen™ products. EcoGen™ Products are the next generation of eco-friendly, high-performance wire and cable designed to provide better performance, in a smaller package.   

EcoGen Benefits

  • Reduced diameter and weight
  • Zero Halogen
  • Contains no phthalates or heavy metals. 
  • Innovative mPPE insulation and jacket material
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant

Types of EcoGen™ Products

EcoCable® - EcoCable is the next generation of control cable. Up to 47% smaller and 65% lighter than traditional PVC Control cable, EcoCable also offers up to 87% lower outgassing in a fully recyclable cable.

EcoFlex® PUR -EcoFlex PUR is the latest innovation in flex cable. The PUR jacket and mPPE insulation allows this cable to be zero halogen, have a reduced diameter, and be oil resistant.

EcoCable® Mini - EcoCable Mini is the smallest solution to your biggest cable problems. EcoCable Mini is up to 32% smaller and up to 44% lighter than standard 300V PVC cable.

EcoFlex® Cable - EcoFlex is the latest innovation in flexible control cable. Up to 32% smaller and 55% lighter than traditional PVC flexible Control cable, EcoFlex also offers up to 91% lower outgassing in a fully recyclable cable.

EcoWire® - EcoWire is a revolutionary hook-up wire that is smaller and lighter than traditional PVC hook-up wire. 100% recyclable, EcoWire is also up to 45% smaller, 40% lighter, with 10x the abrasion resistance.

EcoWire® Plus - EcoWire Plus is the latest innovation in hook-up wire. EcoWire Plus offers all of the environments benefits of standard EcoWire, plus additional fluid and chemical resistance. Whether you need to meet strict environmental regulations or require a smaller, more durable wire, EcoWire Plus is the solution.

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