Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire manufactures, markets, and distributes wire, multi-conductor cables, tubing, and related products for electronic and electrical markets.

As an authorized distributor, Interstate Wire partners with Alpha Wire an industrial alpha wire supplier, to help you find a cable that fits the application, no matter what extremes of temperature, oils and solvents, electrical noise, and other hazards it must withstand. The goal is to help customers find the best possible system solutions to their production and manufacturing challenges. Alpha Wire an Alpha Wire and Cable Distributor, offers the industry's broadest range of AWG sizes, conductor counts, and shielding options.

Interstate Wire is an authorized distributor of Alpha Wire’s: Xtra-Guard® performance cable, Manhattan® Electrical Cable, Dearborn® marine cable, Kerrigan-Lewis specialty wire, FIT® Heat Shrink Tubing and wire management products, communication, control, industrial cable and Hook-Up Wire. Learn more about each product below:


Xtra-Guard® Performance Cable
Built for long-lasting reliable performance in the toughest environment. Cables from the Xtra-Guard series are used in: automotive, Industrial, Machine Tools, Marine, Medical/biotechnology, Military, Mining, Petrochemical, Semiconductor, Solar & wind power applications

Xtra-Guard® Performance Cable Benefits

• Xtra-Guard 1 – High-performance in a tough PVC cable
• Xtra-Guard 2 – Abrasion resistant to withstand mechanical abuse
• Xtra-Guard 3 – Direct burial cable; no conduit needed
• Xtra-Guard 4 – Extreme temperatures; handles hot, cold, spills
• Xtra-Guard 5 – Chemical and temperature resistant to withstand the most hazardous environments
• Xtra-Guard Flex – Long-lasting cables rated up to 14 million flex cycles


EcoGen™ Products are created to be eco-friendly, high performing wire and cable. EcoGen has several benefits that include reduced diameter & weight and zero Halogen. The following products include:

• EcoCable® 
• EcoFlex® PUR  
• EcoCable® Mini 
• EcoFlex® Cable  
• EcoWire®
• EcoWire® Plus


ThermoThin hook-up wire is able to handle high-temperature and weight. It is offered with a wide temperature range of -150°C to +300°C. Applications that are ideal for ThermoThin are:

• Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturers
• Commercial and Military Flight Simulators
• Flexible Film Technology (foil balloons, vacuum sealing machines, etc).
• Laser Systems
• Telecom Equipment
• Medical Equipment and Devices

Manhattan™ Electrical Cable

For over 60 years the Alpha Wire brand Manhattan™ has been a reliable and trusted source for the following applications:

• Audio/video
• Computer
• Thermocouple
• Control
• Plenum
• Coaxial
• Cords/cordage
• High temperature
• Security and data
• Instrumentation

Dearborn™ Marine

Alpha Wire’s Dearborn™ brand delivers high performance wire, cable and heat shrink tubing for the most challenging environments for electronic systems and electrical components. This line of marine products is designed to withstand corrosion and other damaging effects from moisture, salt, oil, and gases by using corrosion-resistant annealed tinned copper conductors with Type 3 marine stranding for extra flexibility and service life.
Dearborn™ offers a complete line for every marine application, including:

• Wiring of engines, batteries and bilge pumps
• Communications
• Instrumentation
• Electronics

Kerrigan-Lewis™ Specialty Wire

When it comes to fine copper wire and insulations Alpha Wire’s Kerrigan-Lewis™ brand offers some of the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry and is designed and manufactured to strict standards of performance and quality. Kerrigan-Lewis™ Litz wire and resistance wire is popular for use in building miniature inductors for space-constrained printed circuit board applications, transformers for arc welding equipment, or high-efficiency motors for precise motion control.

The Kerrigan-Lewis™ brand offers custom configurations to be used in:

• High-frequency inductors and transformers
• Motors
• Relays
• Inverters
• Power Supplies
• Ultrasonic and sonar equipment
• Heat-induction equipment
• High-twist applications up to 300 turns per foot



FIT® Heat Shrink Tubing

When it comes to solving concerns with environmental sealing, mechanical strain relief or simply organizing wires, Alpha Wire’s FIT heat-shrink tubing is the perfect FIT for:

• Protecting substrates from moisture, UV light, corrosion, oxidation, dust, chemicals, abrasion, environmental conditions, solder joints, and encapsulates.
• Insulating wire terminations and connections, entire printed circuit boards, from electrical and environmental conditions
• Repairing cable splices, insulation damage and cuts, cable jackets, and connections, with permanent or temporary quick fixes
• Relieving strain on cables and connectors to prevent harmful flexing or bending
• Bundling and organizing wire harness, cable, tubing, and hose dressing on OEM equipment, breakouts, bundle in small spaces, conform to odd shapes
• Sealing connections, backshells, and other gaps from moisture and other contaminants
• Identifying circuits through color coding, grouping, and labeling

FIT® Wire Management

Alpha Wire’s FIT wire management products are designed to help with the challenges of creating harnesses, routing, and combating noise.

• Harnessing: Make your harness more manageable and neat with Alpha’s tubing, sleeving, spiral wrap tubing, zipper tubing, and lacing tape.
• Shielding: Alpha offers flat, round, and oval braided shielding for an additional layer of protection against electromagnetic interference and grounding protection. Alpha Wire’s FIT management products also include a copper foil shielding tape backed with a highly conductive, pressure-sensitive adhesive for use in a wide variety of EMI/RFI shielding applications in cable and connector assemblies.
• Routing: Get the advantages of conduit in a flexible non-metallic, liquid-tight tubing and connection system that protects wire, copper cable, and fiber-optic cable in factories, offices, or underground installations. Alpha’s watertight tubing will replace rigid raceways where flexibility, re-entry, or re-usability is required. Additionally, to provide a convenient solution for your routing needs Alpha offers split looms.

Alpha Wire’s Communication, Control & Industrial Series Cables

Alpha Wire offers communication and control cables for many applications, and meets many special needs such as extra flexibility, excellent shielding or low-capacitance cables. This line includes the following main categories:

• Solar cable: a full range of solar cables for power and control.
• Industrial automation cable: cable for common automation protocols such as ControlNet, DeviceNet, and PROFIBUS.
• Flexible motor supply cable: four-conductor double-shielded cable suited for light-duty flexing.
• Communication and control: round multiconductor and multipair cable in configurations suited to nearly any application.
• Low-smoke, zero-halogen cable: minimizes the effects from smoke and harmful corrosive gases in the event of combustion.
• Flat cable: planar multiconductor cable used primarily inside cabinets or equipment.

Hook Up Wire

Alpha Wire’s hook-up wire is offered in a number of insulations to accommodate your requirements for temperature, ability to withstand wear and abrasion, electrical performance, or resistance to oil, solvents, and chemicals.
Hook up wire is commonly utilized for internal wiring of:

• Industrial control panels
• Meters
• Electrical and electronic equipment
• Automotive equipment

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10 Item(s)

  1. MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 14 AWG

    MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 14 AWG

    Tinned Copper Conductor. PVC Insulation. .010" Nominal Wall. 105ºC. 600V.

  2. MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 16 AWG

    MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 16 AWG

    Tinned Copper Conductor. PVC Insulation. .010" Nominal Wall. 105ºC. 600V.

  3. MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 18 AWG

    MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 18 AWG

    Tinned Copper Conductor. PVC Insulation. .010" Nominal Wall. 105ºC. 600V.

  4. MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 20 AWG

    MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 20 AWG

    Tinned Copper Conductor. PVC Insulation. .010" Nominal Wall. 105ºC. 600V.

  5. MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 22 AWG

    MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 22 AWG

    Tinned Copper Conductor. PVC Insulation. .010" Nominal Wall. 105ºC. 600V.

  6. MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 24 AWG

    MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 24 AWG

    Tinned Copper Conductor. PVC Insulation. .010" Nominal Wall. 105ºC. 600V.

  7. MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 26 AWG

    MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 26 AWG

    Tinned Copper Conductor. PVC Insulation. .010" Nominal Wall. 105ºC. 600V.

  8. MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 28 AWG

    MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 28 AWG

    Tinned Copper Conductor. PVC Insulation. .010" Nominal Wall. 105ºC. 600V.

  9. MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 30 AWG and 32 AWG

    MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B : 30 AWG and 32 AWG

    Tinned Copper Conductor. PVC Insulation. .010" Nominal Wall. 105ºC. 600V.

  10. MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B and UL 1429 - Alpha

    MIL-W-16878/1 (M16878/1) Type B and UL 1429 - Alpha

    Tinned Copper Conductor. Irradiated PVC Insulation. 105°C. 600V (Type B). 150V (UL 1429).

10 Item(s)