Interstate Wire, Co. is a leading ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire distributor. Alpha Wire’s new ThermoThin hook-up wire addresses the need for a high-temperature wire saves space and weight within your application.  ThermoThin wire, available in conductor sizes from 36 to 16 AWG, offers 600 V performance coupled with an exceptionally wide temperature range of -150°C to +300°C.

ThermoThin wire’s ECA fluoropolymer insulation contributes to the cable’s smaller size while providing excellent dielectric properties, as well as outstanding chemical resistance.  ThermoThin also has longer run ability. Teflon wire is often spooled up in several cut lengths. ThermoThin can run 1000 feet without issues in insulation material.

Key features and benefits

Space savings, plus increased temp range (emphasis cold side of scale as well), with all the added benefits of Teflon (abrasion, chemical resistance, acid, etc)

  • Available in AWGs – 36 to 19

Applications Currently Using PTFE are Ideal for ThermoThin

  • Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturers
  • Commercial and Military Flight Simulators
  • Flexible Film Technology (foil balloons, vacuum sealing machines, etc.)
  • Laser Systems
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Medical Equipment and Devices
  • ThermoThin is ideal for applications that require a wide temperature range!

PTFE VS Thermothin

In what cases is Thermothin better to use?

When continuous lengths are necessary (PTFE comes in splices) and or when you need a wire over 200C, Thermothin is rated for 300C PTFE is rated for 200

Is there scenarios that Thermothin cannot be used to replace PTFE? What would that be?

Thermothin doesn’t have a mil spec, so in cases where the Mil spec is necessary use PTFE. Also if soldering is going to be very important to the application- Thermothin uses nickel plated copper conductors, solderable but more of a challenge than PTFE